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'Bout Funkin' Time

  1. Funkarockaholic 
  2. Joke of The Butt 
  3. P.T.P.B 
  4. #06 
  5. Funkin Where You Belong 
  6. #03 
  7. Smoosh 
  8. On Down The Line 
  9. The Mad Hit 
  10. Graffiti



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Blackbyrd McKnight - Bout ‘Funkin Time - (Dewayne McKnight) Wowee! This is hot! I mean H-O-T! Blackbyrd McKnight – legendary guitarist and P- Funk member from 1978 – 2008, one-time guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and guitarist for Miles Davis – delivers a punch here. From the very first note, a wall of sound hits the listener with guitars so screeching good, it is reminiscent of the work of Buckethead. But it doesn’t stop there, for bass kicks in and propels this purely instrumental song forward. “Joke of the Butt” doesn’t slow things down; quite the contrary. More fuzz and a hip-hop beat bury barely audible vocals calling for “world domination.” “PTPB” quiets things down a bit, but barely. A great drumbeat accompanies more guitar, and spoken vocals by McKnight, though again – it’s a bit hard to hear what he’s saying, but does it really matter? The liner notes read, “There are absolutely no samples or loops of any kind on this CD.” Incredible. Play! - Sep 27, 2016” - Jarret Lovell


Blackbyrd McKnight isn't a guy who seeks the spotlight. As George Clinton's bandleader for nearly 30 years, Blackbyrd was often back in the shadows or had his back to the crowd. Just let him play guitar and he's happy. So it's a bit of a surprise that after nearly 40 years of playing professionally, Blackbyrd finally released his solo debut in 2009. What's not a surprise is that it's a mostly instrumental album of gonzo guitar performances. Aside from vocals on a couple of tracks, everything here is performed by Blackbyrd and it smokes. Set up a groove and let guitar ecstasy take over. The performances aren't overly polished, but there's a pure joy and focus in his playing that you rarely hear. If you're a fan of the electric guitar and its possibilities, you owe it to yourself to check out BlackByrd McKnight. He's one of the greats. ” - Sean Westergard


As one of the lead guitarists in funk juggernaut Parliament-Funkadelic for over 30 years, McKnight’s well established as one of the most dexterous players in music. But his skills go far beyond propelling the Mothership with his funky fretwork. McKnight has a keen melodic sense, which can be heard on his strong 2009 solo debut ‘Bout Funkin’ Time. He also has a versatility that extends beyond the realms of funk rock and goes into jazz, where he’s worked with genre legends Charles Lloyd, Sonny Rollins, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis.” - Jim Shahen


George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars - Dope Dogs

Album Dope Dogs starts off with the utterly brilliant "Dog Star (Fly On)", a heavy guitar tune that stands up to the best Funkadelic cuts ever made. It stars Blackbyrd, absolutely dominating the scene with amazing solo after solo.”

Duke University

THE HEADHUNTERS — Survival of the Fittest

Blackbyrd is a criminally over looked guitarist, a pyrotechnical soloist who combines rock flash, jazz complexity and super tight funky rhythms to any project he joins. McKnight is equal parts Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix and Wah Wah Watson and after The Headhunters, has been a guest with many groups including George Clinton’s P-funk mob and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

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